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Our Story

Jewels By Terri is a premier jewelry house specializing in exceptional diamonds and customized jewelry creations. With a focus on personalized service, the company is located in the heart of New York City's renowned Diamond District. Offering certified diamonds and gemstones sourcing, expert custom design, and a curated bridal collection, Jewels By Terri is dedicated to elevating the jewelry experience for its clients.

By life coincidences I was drawn into the world of beauty and luxury of people shopping for jewels, and for more than 35 years now I have helped thousands of clients to be comfortable and happy about their final purchase.  I always took it with great sense of responsibility and creativity.

I am so grateful to have had the privilege to meet many amazing people, to be a part of their wish, to make special presents for their loved ones and enjoy many of them remaining lifelong friends.

I take every client like a new book, I try to listen to their intentions and visions and then I give it a fair professional life where their dreams come true and their investment is worth it.  If that personal approach is something you look for then welcome to Jewels by Terri.  I can promise you that my long professional career will allow me to make your dream project a reality professionally and financially.

Whether you are looking for custom made Bridal jewelry to symbolize a lifetime of love or find a forever present, I personally will work for you to take home a piece of jewelry without compromising on excellence.



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