Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring, one that truly reflects your own personal style. Are you ready for your forever wedding rings? Do you need a special gift? Well you have come to the right person!

I create custom, one of a kind pieces using your ideas or mine. I will deliver quality pieces at an affordable price. I take the time to educate you about diamonds, designs, and the costs associated with them this way you can feel confident that you are making the ideal choice for you and your fiancé.  Schedule a private in person, or virtual consultation with me, I will be happy to walk you through everything you need to know.  

Lifetime Happiness Guarantee



By life coincidences I was drawn into the world of beauty and meaning of people shopping for jewels, and for more than 35 years now I have helped thousands of clients to be comfortable and happy about their final purchase. It was always an interesting journey and I always took it with great sense of responsibility and creativity.

I am so grateful to have had the privilege to meet many amazing people, to be a part of their wish, to make special presents for their loved ones and enjoy many of them remaining lifelong friends.

I take every client like a new book, I try to listen to their intentions and visions and then I give it a fair professional life where their dreams come true and their investment is worth it.  If that personal approach is something you look for then welcome to Jewels by Terri.  I can promise you that my long professional career will allow me to make your dream project a reality professionally and financially.

I am here for you to offer my knowledge and expertise. Whether you are looking for custom made Bridal jewelry to symbolize a lifetime of love or find a forever present, I personally will work for you to take home a piece of jewelry without compromising on excellence.






When choosing your perfect engagement ring, a classic solitaire is timeless and showcases the center diamond.  Solitaires are rings that feature one center diamond, and are the most popular styles today.  If she wants more dazzle perhaps try some sparkling pave settings or add a halo which will make the center diamond appear larger.  Modern, Contemporary, Vintage or maybe a burst of a color gemstone will suite her.  I have so many wonderful ideas to help you with.
As a GIA Diamond Gemologist I specialize in selecting the right diamond and will work hand in hand to make sure you get the perfect balance of quality and value.  The setting is just as important as the stone. If you want a beautiful ring, you need a beautiful setting. I have a wide variety of custom engagement settings. I have the prettiest options for you.  I look forward to helping you.

came out? Hoping she is enjoys it every


The wedding ring is an emblem of love through time, a symbol of devotion between two parties to love and cherish one another for the rest of their days. Choose from a selection of gorgeous styles - including classic, eternity, vintage design or gemstones - to mark your eternal love.



I am over the moon with how beautiful my engagement ring came out. Working with Terri was such a pleasure. My Fiancé and I went to a few places with Terri being our last stop and I never thought we could afford a diamond as beautiful as what we bought and all within our budget. I can't wait to go back and pick out our wedding bands. Thank you so much Terri!

Christine Zappier Fleming

My husband got my engagement ring custom made through Terri at Salvatore & Co.  She was knowledgeable and helpful at guiding him through the process.  We went back for both of our wedding bands and she was equally helpful.  Our rings are stunning!  Free lifetime cleanings are a huge plus.  

Michelle B

After not getting any warm and fuzzies from other jewelers for a semi custom engagement ring, I asked around for a recommendation. My fiancés Aunt mentioned she had a person she really liked, and told me she could introduce me to Terri at Salvatore. Quite simply Terri did a phenomenal job.

What sold me was that Terri was knowledgable and confident in her work. Everyone else kept providing disclaimers that they can't guarantee everything to match what I was looking for, and this kept worrying me about workmanship. Terri provided a more competitive price than her online competition, and handled the shipping in such a way that I never once stressed. 

Ultimately my Fiancé absolutely adores the ring, and I want to thank you again for being apart of my engagement team. 

Jonathan Harty

We have been working with Terri to make our jewelry for over 20 years. She is fantastic, anything you want if she dosen't have it she can make it for you at the price you can afford. She really tries to help you so that you can make the purchase of your dreams

Steph London



The 4 C's of Diamonds

Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight, the most important characteristics to understand when buying a diamond.


Diamond cut is the most important property to increase its beauty because a well-cut diamond reflects light to maximize the stones brilliance.  A diamond with perfect color and clarity will have poor brilliance if it is not well cut.   This is very important in picking out the best diamond in your budget.  We can go lower in color or clarity and not affect the beauty of your diamond.  The shape of the diamond describes the outline of the stone and the pattern of the facet arrangement.  The most popular shapes are Round, Oval, Emerald, Radiant, Princess, Pear, Cushion, Marquise and Heart shapes.


Diamonds are found naturally in all colors of the rainbow.  The most common are colorless and near colorless and most have some degree of yellow or brown.  A truly colorless diamond is extremely rare and considered the most valuable.  It allows most light to pass through it.  Color ranges from D,E,F colorless G,H,I,J near colorless K,L,M slight tints of color and go down to the letter Z.  Near colorless is the most commonly used in an engagement ring.


Clarity is a term that describes the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the surface of the diamond.  These flaws make every diamond truly unique.  They also affect the beauty and the value of the diamond.  F (Flawless) IF (Internally Flawless), VVS1-VVS2 (Very Very slight included) VS1-VS2 (Very slight included) SI1-SI2 (Slightly included) I1-I2-I3 (Included).  Almost all clarity grades cannot be seen to the unaided eye except for I1, I2, I3 and some SI-2's. I have seen the most beautiful I1's, I have seen some poor VS-2's.  Prior to buying I will analyze the stone for you give you my honest opinion and always recommend the best stone.  


The term "Carat" refers to the weight of a diamond.  Each carat is divided into 100 points.  1/4 carat is 25 points 1/2 carat is 50 points and so on.  When diamonds are mined, large diamonds are discovered rarely in comparison to small ones, that is why large diamonds are much more valuable.  For that reason, the price of a diamond goes up exponentially with its size.  So a 2 carat diamond of the same quality is worth much more than two 1 carat diamonds of equal value.  Carat weight does not mean the diamond will look larger since it could be cut poorly.  Remember cut is the most important C.




Fine jewelry is delicate and should be cared for accordingly, to extend the life of your jewelry.

*  Take off your jewelry as much as possible when you are home cleaning, cooking, showering, etc.

*  Leave your jewelry home when you are going to the gym or involved in activities that could potentially damage them.

*  Before bedtime, lay your jewelry flat and keep it in the same safe place. 

To clean your diamonds and  jewelry, I recommend using a soft toothbrush and dish soap and gently scrub your diamonds and gold.  Do not clean with any abrasives or solvents.  Once a year you should have your jewelry looked at by a professional.


Here in the US the ring sizes are based on a numerical scale.  Size 3 (teensy) and go up to a size 15 (giant).  European sizes are letters.  Sizes are also available in 1/4 and 1/2 increments.  The average woman's ring size is a 6.  The average men's is a 9.  Start by asking your significant other's friends and family.  If they wear rings frequently, try to take one without them noticing to a local jewelry store and ask them to check the size.  Be sure to notice what finger they wear them on.  Each of our fingers are different sizes and they can vary from right to left hand.  If you are still unsure, don't worry, we can guess based on some questions I'll ask you and get within the ball park.  Most rings can always be adjusted.


Do you have a family diamond that you want to reset?  Do you have old jewelry lying around that you are not wearing, let's use it to make a custom piece!  My specialty.  We can repurpose all of your precious gemstones and diamonds.


My diamond trade-in and upgrade service will allow you to take any diamond jewelry purchased you no longer wear and trade it in for a brand new piece of jewelry.  I also will take your old jewelry not purchased from me towards another purchase. The diamond/jewelry will need to be inspected and approved.


Every piece of jewelry will be accompanied with an appraisal for insurance purposes.  A jewelry appraisal ascertains the retail value of your jewelry.  If you need an appraisal on jewelry you have not purchased from me, I charge $75 per piece for most items. I am happy to make recommendations on how to get your jewelry insured if you need any information.


An industry leader in jewelry buying, confidential, secure transactions. I understand that the decision to sell your jewelry is a personal one.  When you're ready I can either schedule an appointment or I can guide you through the selling process from the comfort of your home.  I will provide you with an honest evaluation and the best possible offers for the items you wish to sell.  Mail in service provided.


January's - Garnet 
February's - Amethyst
March's - Aquamarine
April's - Diamond 
May's - Emerald
June's - Pearl / Alexandrite / Moonstone
July's - Ruby
August's - Peridot
September's - Sapphire
October's - Opal / Pink Tourmaline
November's - Citrine / Yellow Topaz
December's - Turquoise / Tanzanite /Blue Topaz


Congratulations!  You are now a diamond pro.  Even if you don't feel like one, you now have some information to start with in your search for the perfect diamond.  

Still have questions?  Please shoot me an email.  I am a graduate from the GIA, I have over 35 years experience and I love to answer any questions.


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